Access Advisory Committee – Gympie Region

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The Access Advisory Committee – Gympie Region is a community based, voluntary advisory body committed to creating universal access to public facilities for all members of the Gympie Region community.

The Committee acts as an independent voice on access issues within the Gympie Region and is independent of Gympie Regional Council. It has addressed hundreds of local access issues since its formation in February 2001.


‘A community that is universally accessible and accepting of all its members.’

The Committee progresses this vision by:

  • promoting the importance of access issues within the Gympie Region.
  • providing an independent forum for discussing and investigating issues related to access and inclusion for all members of the Gympie Region.
  • encouraging strong community involvement in identifying and resolving access related issues.
  • making recommendations to Gympie Regional Council, business and community agencies on how best to improve access within the Shire for all members of the community, in order to enable better planning of new facilities, and develop appropriate modifications to existing facilities.

The Committee is auspiced by Cooloola Human Services Network Inc. It is also a Third Party Advice Agency to Gympie Regional Council.images (1)


Members are volunteers and freely give their time to help the community. The Committee tries to ensure at least 50% of members are people with a range of disabilities, family members and carers.

Other members may include:

  • representatives from disability support groups and interested local community agencies
  • local business people
  • representatives from tourism bodies
  • local public transport providers
  • Gympie Regional Council Councillor
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Access Consultant

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Why is it important?

20% of Gympie Region’s population has a permanent disability of some kind, plus temporary incapacity affects a further 30% of people at some stage in life. Additionally, parents with young children and the elderly often experience significant mobility problems.

The Access Advisory Committee believes universal and independent access to our community’s facilities is a vital aspect of full community inclusion.

The Access Advisory Committee collaborates closely with Gympie Regional Council, tourism and local business groups, large and small businesses, government agencies, developers, community groups and the broader community. It makes recommendations on how best to improve access within the Region for all members of the community – in order to enable better planning of new facilities and services, and to ensure appropriate modifications to existing facilities are developed where needed.

What can I talk to the Committee about?

Any issues relating to access to facilities that are designed for public use can be discussed with the Access Advisory Committee:

  • Parking facilities
  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Playgrounds
  • Public buildings
  • Public toilets
  • Services
  • Shops and businesses
  • Shopping centres
  • Streets and footpaths
  • Traffic lights
  • Transport

Visit the Access Advisory Committee website for more information or email us at

How does CHSN assist the community?

A strong network of organisations across many sectors and caring individuals within the community make up the CHSN family. CHSN provides a base for networking to support both interagency and advocacy roles. CHSN has transitioned into a physical 'hub' that is very active on the coalface of community needs. CHSN disseminates information across the Gympie region and is also responsible for facilitating training events and forums. CHSN acts in an auspicing and nurturing role for many smaller unfunded groups. The Gympie region is very well served by CHSN as a vital player in providing holistic approach to community development, across intergenerational bounds.

Beryl J Spencer

QCSLAN Qld Child Safety Legislation Action Network