Gympie Region Youth Mentoring Program


Gympie Region Youth Mentoring program, a program of the Gympie Region Volunteer Centre  .

This Program has been established to assist young people in the Gympie Region to achieve their learning, employment and life goals. Under the program, volunteer mentors from the community meet with young people on a weekly basis and provide support and encouragement to them.

The Gympie Region Youth Mentoring program is an important initiative that was created to support young people achieving education and employment success.

The main aim of this program is to improve the well being of young people so they can be healthy and resilient to meet life’s challenges, and fulfill their potential.   By connecting a disadvantaged young person to a positive role model we can break the cycle of disadvantage.

By positively changing the course of a young person’s life, we know we can build resilience and a sense of self-worth that helps them to stay at school, training and or employment, improve their relationships with families and their community which in turn can lead to long-term community benefits like an increase in school, training and employment retention; school and community safety; and greater employment opportunities.

Currently this program is being implemented in Gympie State High and Mary Valley State College.The program commences in term two, sessions are for one hour, once a week until the end of school year, volunteers are matched with a student by volunteer coordinator.

All volunteer mentors must;

  • Attend mandatory mentor training (GRVC)
  • Complete QLD Education induction training (schools)
  • Have or be willing to obtain a Blue Card and complete
  • Supply references and pass screening
  • Commit to one hour, one on one sessions, once a week with their mentee

To volunteer for this program please complete the form below and return to or call 0408 992 822.

The Gympie Region Youth Mentor Program volunteer application form

Updated Information: COVID-19

The Gympie Region Volunteer Youth Mentor Program is currently on hold and will remain on hold until further notice, for more information please contact Carley on


How does CHSN assist the community?

A strong network of organisations across many sectors and caring individuals within the community make up the CHSN family. CHSN provides a base for networking to support both interagency and advocacy roles. CHSN has transitioned into a physical 'hub' that is very active on the coalface of community needs. CHSN disseminates information across the Gympie region and is also responsible for facilitating training events and forums. CHSN acts in an auspicing and nurturing role for many smaller unfunded groups. The Gympie region is very well served by CHSN as a vital player in providing holistic approach to community development, across intergenerational bounds.

Beryl J Spencer

QCSLAN Qld Child Safety Legislation Action Network